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Classic 10

Classic 10

Classic 10 Blue Tolex Combo

New Allen Classic 10 single-ended Class A amplifier. 10 watts of grab n' go fun with a 10" speaker. Straight up VOLUME and TONE controls keep it simple plus a unique BOOST switch to punch up the mids and highs for a more Marshall-like tone. A hot rodded 5F2-A take-off with well-filtered solid-state power supply, Heyboer paper stick wound output transformer (with 4 and 8 ohm speaker jacks on the back), cathode biased 6L6 power tube and high-gain 12AX7 based preamp. An Eminence Copperhead speaker in a generous sized 17" by 17" cabinet make this the ultimate practice/recording/small gig amp. This beautiful little 10W, 25lb, $799 hand-wired tube amp is easy on the eyes, the ears, the back and the wallet!

Features top quality components throughout as you have come to expect from Allen. Switchcraft jacks, Carling switch, Mallory tone caps, glass-epoxy eyelet board construction, best current production tubes and of course a stainless-steel chassis and finger-jointed pine cabinet. 8 foot grounded power cord, tube retainers, fuse holder and damped potentiometers with set-screw knobs and a power transformer made in Chicago USA!

Also available as a head or a 1x8, 1x12 or 2x6 combo. Black/silver, blond/oxblood, blue diamond/blue silver, or blond with dark brown/black. Choice of knobs and pilot light jewel color. Many Eminence speaker options available.

Output Power

10 watts.

Tube Compliment

(1) 12AX7 preamp tube and (1) 6L6GC or EL34 power tube.


Class A single-ended with cathode bias.


TONE control to cut or boost highs, BOOST switch "ON" thins out bass.


brushed 18 gauge stainless-steel.


USA made TP18 power transformer and Heyboer TO11C output transformer.


Loosely based on tweed Princeton 5F2-A™ but with more power, unique boost feature and a solid-state rectifier.


Finger-jointed pine with Birch plywood floating speaker baffle and MDF back panels. Nickel plated bottom corners and glides, strap handle and chassis straps. Choice of black/silver, blond/oxblood, blond/dark brown and black or blue diamond/blue silver.


Eminence Copperhead 8 ohm speaker. Other Eminence speakers available.

Special Features

Cathode biased power tube can be a 6L6GC or an EL34. Unique BOOST switch pumps up the gain for more mids and highs and eliminates the negative feedback for a more Marshal like overdrive tone.

Size and Weight

17"W by 17"H by 9"D and 24lbs.


Classic 10 Chassis Only


Classic 10 Head


Classic 10 1x10 Combo



Other Tolex and grill cloth options available at no extra charge

Also available in kit form! See the Kits & Cabs page.


Sound Clips

Classic 10 1x10 amp was used for these clips. Clips provided by The Sound LLC in Charlottesville, VA.

Clips played by Ian Lawler on a PRS, Jason Butler on a rosewood necked Strat, or K.W. Miller on a 50's reissue Tele.

The following clips have the amp settings listed as a number separated by dashes, guitar used, genre/style. The numbers correspond to these controls:
Volume-Tone-Boost (on or off)

4-9-no PRS, Clean strumming

2-10-no PRS, Clean soloing

4-4-no Tele, Clean/dark R&B

2-7-yes Tele, Clean R&B

5-4-yes Tele, Clean blues

5-5-no Strat, Jimi alone

7-7-no Tele, Mild OD R&B

10-3.5-yes, Tele, Slide

7-5-yes Tele, OD blues solo

8-3-yes Strat, OD blues solo

10-5-yes PRS, Texas twang

8-3-yes, Strat Rock

Classic 10

Classic 10 Head w/Blue Tolex Combo

Classic 10

Classic 10 Combo

Classic 10

Classic 10 Head

Classic 10

Classic 10 Chassis