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Hot Fudge with Nuts 1x12. Warehouse Guitar Speakers Reaper speaker. Your choice of 6V6s or 6L6s. This amp was sent down to Atlanta last year for a review by ToneQuest Report Magazine. It comes with a full warranty.

$1,400 + shipping

Custom 5F1 style 1x12 amp. A TONE control was added where the 2nd input jack would normally be. This effectively makes it a 5F2A type 1x12 amp with single input. Speaker is an early WGS G12N 20 watt ceramic. Can use a 5Y3GT/6V6 with 8 ohm speaker for around 5 watts or it could use a plug in solid state rectifier with a 6L6GC and a 4 ohm speaker for around 8 watts. It is set up for 5 watts now.

I built it for a local friend to play harmonica around 2003. I bought it back from his estate a couple of years ago. Between me and the guy I built if for, it has hardly been played. Nice sealed tweed cabinet is a little bigger than a 5E3 cabinet and sounds great.

Note: the faceplate appears fogged in the image, but is shiny chrome.

$699 + shipping. 3 day return period.

Blues Jr 1x10. Fully modded new blues jr with Allen TP24 and Allen TO20 power and output transformer upgrades. Filter capacitor and tone capacitor upgrades. Power tubes are cathode biased (stock are fixed bias). New 1x10 baffle with new Celestion Gold alnico speaker. Sparkle control mod per Bill M. Progressive toggle power switch for off/standby/play. As is - no warranty, 3 day return period. This is a great little amp.

$799 + shipping

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