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Blues Jr 1x10. Fully modded new blues jr with Allen TP24 and Allen TO20 power and output transformer upgrades. Filter capacitor and tone capacitor upgrades. Power tubes are cathode biased (stock are fixed bias). New 1x10 baffle with new Celestion Gold alnico speaker. Sparkle control mod per Bill M. Progressive toggle power switch for off/standby/play. 3 day return period. This is a great little amp.

$500 + shipping

Epiphone - Totally reworked with Model LF circuit board, new sockets, new pots, Heyboer TO11S output transformer and Copperhead speaker. Has footswitchable RAW mid/gain boost feature. 10 watts with a single 6L6 power tube. Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass. This is a very good sounding little amp. It is quiet with respect to hum, too.

$500 + shipping

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