Output Power

22W with 6V6s, 35W with 6L6s using a plug-in solid-state rectifier.

Tube Compliment

5AR4 rectifier, (2) 6L6GC power tubes, (3) 12AX7 preamp tubes. (6V6s or 5881s may also be used)


AB push-pull with adjustable fixed bias.


Treble, bass, raw, darken and presence controls plus a bright switch.


Bias modulation type tremolo uses half of a 12AX7 for the oscillator and the other half as a buffer/driver. No ticking, very organic sounding. Range is approximately 3 to 9 beats per second. An outstanding sounding tremolo with plenty of depth to work with.


18 gauge stainless-steel with TIG welded corners and rear fastening flange.


Full-size Alpha with 3/8" bushings and damped action with set-screw type knobs.


Based on the rare Fender 6G11-A brown Vibrolux™ with addition of a bright switch, my RAW mid/gain control, darken control, presence control, rear panel bias measurement jacks, adjustable bias, extension speaker jack and an impedance switch. One channel amp.


Glass epoxy eyelet board with carbon film and metal film resistors, Mallory M150 and Cornell Dubiliar silver mica capacitors, F&T and Nichicon electrolytic capacitors, ceramic octal sockets, Belton 9-pin sockets, Switchcraft jacks, Carling switches LIttlefuse fuse holder, old-style pilot lamp holder with jewel lens and wired with tinned solid-core PVC covered wire. Stainless-steel fasteners. AC and DC star ground points with heavy bolted connections.


Solid Pine, finger-jointed cabinet with Birch plywood floating baffle, MDF rear panels (prevent warping), brushed brass logo plate, nickel hardware and rubber feet. Standard amp is brown with wheat grill cloth. Other coverings available. Faceplate is brown with ivory graphics.


Eminence Red, White and Blues 12" speaker.

Special Features

Bright switch, DARKEN control, presence control, RAW mid/gain boost control, adjustable bias with measurement jacks, extension speaker jack and impedance switch. Tremolo range has been slowed down a little. 12 foot heavy duty grounded power cord. Front panel power and standby switches with jewel light indicator. Choice of red, green, blue, amber or purple jewel light.

Size and Weight

22"W by 18"H by 10"D and 40 lbs.
Head is 22"W by 10"H by 10"D and 31 lbs.


Brown Jug 1x12 Combo


Brown Jug Head



One-button foot switch for the tremolo


Leather dogbone handle


Other Tolex and grill cloth options available at no extra charge

Matching speaker cabinets available too! See the Cabinets page.