Output Power

10 watts with a 6L6 power tube or 6 watts with a 6V6 power tube (8 ohm speaker load).

Tube Compliment

1 6V6 or 6L6 power tube, 2 12AX7 and 1 12AT7 preamp tube.


Class A single-ended.


Treble, Bass, and foot-switchable RAW control.


Aluminum chassis.


Loosely based on the black panel Champ™ with AB763ish reverb added. Beefed up transformer set and power supply for use with 6V6/6L6 power tube and addition of a foot-switchable RAW control. Master volume control.


Finger-jointed pine cabinet with Birch plywood baffle and MDF back panels that don't warp. Reinforced black strap handle, bottom chrome corners and chassis straps.


WGS G8C for the 1x8, Eminence Copperhead for the 1x10, and Eminence Red, White and Blues for the 1x12.

Special Features

Dual input jacks (normal and -3db), master volume control, tube driven spring reverb using the 9" Accutronics tank, extra gain stage for better overdriven tones and a foot-switchable RAW control to go from blackface scooped mids to thicker 5F1 tweed type tone. Now with a 6V6/6L6 selector switch on back for 6 watts or 10 watts!

Size and Weight

1x8 combo - 17"W x 14"H x 9"D, 21 lbs.
1x10 Combo - 17"W x 17"H x 9"D, 24 lbs.
1x12 combo 20"W x 18"H x 9"D, 30 lbs.
Head - 17"W x 8-1/2"H x 8-1/2"D, 19 lbs.


Chassis Only




1x8 Combo


1x10 Combo


1x12 Combo


Other Tolex and grill cloth options available at no extra charge

Also available in kit form! See the Kits & Cabs page.

Fully Equipped Chihuahua!!